socilogical memoir

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The purpose of my memoir is to awaken the power of Sociological Imagination in an attempt to analyze my own life experiences through sociological lens in order to understand how my life and opportunities in society have been shaped by race, class and ethnicity. According to sociologist C. Wright Mills the “Sociological Imagination is the ability to see connections between our personal experience and the larger forces of history” (Connelly, 5). In other words, a person must be able to pull away from the situation and think from an alternative point of view. Sometimes we are not the primary contributors to the problems we have. Sometimes the problems we have are structural Firstly, I plan to explore how race has influenced my life. My mother is of Hispanic, and Irish decent whereas my father is of African decent. One of my earliest experiences with racism came from my mother’s side of the family. My grandmother would often say awful things about my dad to my brother and me when we visited and my parents were not around. She never hid how she felt about my parent’s relationship from us. My grandmother was opposed to my mother’s relationship with my father solely because he was, according to her, a “nigger” and of a different ethnic background and was not good enough for her daughter and that my mother was bringing shame to the family. My grandmother never accepted us whole-heartedly as her grandchildren compared to how she treated our other cousins simply because of their race and their complexion because they looked more like her side of the family than we did. As a result of my childhood experiences with my grandmother, I became aware and have observed the way people treat and respond to each other based on their appearances, such... ... middle of paper ... ...iological imagination allows me to get out of my own personal notions and ideas about a problem and instead look at it from a social stand point and once I can do that, I can stop identifying individuals and their short comings and I can start looking at things in terms as social problems. The sociological imagination allows me to view things from the perspective of social problems rather than individual short comings. Overall, race, class and culture impacts one’s place in society. I have Four hundred years of history cannot be wiped away so easily. I realized that society has a long way to go and the importance of fighting all injustices. Martin Luther King captured it best by saying “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. We all have a part to play if we want to effect change from the individual level and especially on the corporate level.
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