Race And Ethnicity Essay

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In today’s society, it is acknowledgeable to assert that the concepts of race and ethnicity have changed enormously across different countries, cultures, eras, and customs. Even more, they have become less connected and tied with ancestral and familial ties but rather more concerned with superficial physical characteristics. Moreover, a great deal can be discussed the relationship between ethnicity and race. Both race and ethnicity are useful and counterproductive in their ways. To begin, the concept of race is, and its ideas are vital to society because it allows those contemporary nationalist movements which include, racist actions; to become more familiar to members of society. Secondly, it has helped to shape and redefine the meaning of…show more content…
Therefore it has become a source of division within the working class that only works in favor for the bourgeois and capitalist. On the there hand, Ethnicity has a wider concept than race but still can be useful and counterproductive. To begin, one obvious reason why ethnicity is useful because it allows for other cultures, customs to express themselves. Secondly, promotes multiculturalism and diversity. Be that as it may, it is counterproductive and overlapping because the systematic distinctions within ethnicity lead to equality and inequality in society Therefore resulting to racial supremacy and privilege. Given these points, in this paper, I will discuss in details the ways in which the concepts of race and ethnicity are useful and how they are counterproductive with regards to different authors; Peter Wade, Robert Milles, Etienne Balibar, David Nirebeng, Roman Grosfoguel and Joan…show more content…
Moreover, the relationship between race and is complicated and overlapping. Hence, only a few words can be said. Firstly, ethnicity is a counterproductive mainly because it entails the establishment of the systematic distinctions between insiders and outsiders, us and them. Consequently, having such systematic differences lead to equality and inequality in society. As an illustration, some ethnic groups from the US such African Americans have ancestors that have a history of slavery, and because of that, they were unable to obtain an education. However, even though their offsprings are free, most individuals still have a disadvantage in getting a formal education compared to white individuals. As Scott (1999)

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