Social Existing Issues Depicted in Fruitvale Station

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Society is faced with various problems that hinder the development of its communities. These issues affect the society in a numerous of ways and has a major effect on the citizens of the community as well. Social adversities causes grief and is also the cause of crimes and other miscellaneous activities that occur in inequitable areas. In the film, Fruitvale Station, there are abundant amounts of these adversities and societal issues that are illustrated. Fruitvale Station is a great example of a film that shows accurate social issues that occur in today’s society. The movie demonstrates issues of inequality, racial prejudice, gang involvement and also unemployment. It also shows how the people who are forced to live with these issues, fight for survival to maintain to see another day. Fruitvale Station is based on the true story of a young man named Oscar Grant III, who is murdered due to existing social issues such as racism. The movie displays the young man’s daily activities from waking up and getting his daughter ready for school, taking his girlfriend to work, celebrating his mother’s birthday and finally to the time at which he loses his life due to misjudgment of his character. Majority of the social issues shown throughout the film are based on the character of Oscar Grant. He is a young unemployed African-American man, who has recently been released from prison. Oscar suffers from social issues due to his past and is forced to live with the choices that he made when he was younger. The first social issue portrayed through the film is racial inequality. The audience witnesses the inequality in the film when justice is not properly served to the police officer who executed Oscar Grant. As shown through the film, the ind... ... middle of paper ... ... being a story of an actual person in society who has gone through these adversities, makes the claims provided in the film reliable and trustworthy. Works Cited DeLisi, Matt., Mark T. Berg, and Andy Hochstetler. “Gang Members, Career Criminals and Prison Violence: Further Specification of the Importation Model of Inmate Behavior.” Criminal Justice Scholars 17.4 (2004): 369-83. ProQuest. Web. 12 Apr. 2014. Faith Advocates for Jobs. “Jobs Harder to Find for Ex-Offenders.” Faith Advocates for Jobs. n.p., 6 Jul.2012. Web. 12 Apr. 2014. Schofelt, Christine. “Fruitvale Station tells the story of Oscar Grant III.” World Socialist Website. The International Committee of the Fourth International, 31 Jul. 2013. Web. 11 Apr. 2014. Scott, A.O. “A New Year, and a Last Day Alive.” The New York Times. The New York Times, 11 Jul. 2013. Web. 11 Apr. 2014.
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