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There are hundreds of different careers in the medical field ranging from neurosurgeons to nurse practitioners. Psychiatry deals specifically with the diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional ailments. The main purpose of a psychiatrist is to help people coop with issues and stress in their environment that make it difficult to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. These issues may arise from abuse, addiction, mental disability, disease, or physical injury. It is the psychiatrist’s job to ensure the patient can maintain a healthy attitude and continue to provide for themselves. A Psychiatrist may choose to specialize in many sub classes of mental health including children and adolescents, geriatric psychiatry, addiction, and pain management. While requiring an intense and difficult education, the occupation in psychiatry is one that offers meaningful, fulfilling work and a high-end salary.

Psychiatrists provide treatment to patients is different than that of most other physicians. They must not only diagnose and treat their patients medically, but must also make sure that the patient is not a threat to themselves or anyone else. They will meet with patients on regular basis; this could be bi-weekly, weekly, or two or more times a week. A psychiatrist must get to know their patients, and learn everything about them. By doing this, they can evaluate their situation and give advice and support accordingly. The psychiatrist would usually start off by doing a thorough history of the patient; documenting any information that may be relevant. This information could include medical history, any abuse as a child/adolescent, and any other knowledge that could lead to a better understanding of the patients needs. The psy...

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...failed. Taking care of patients with mental health problems is very stressful, and it can be difficult for even the doctor to coop with the difficulties sometimes. In many cases, the lives of their patients rely on the physician’s ability to properly asses and treat their illness. It is a job that is not for the faint of heart, but if one is willing to apply themselves to the fullest extent of their ability, then all that work will most certainly pay off in the end.

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