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Health is a complex concept, and when we talk about health we refer to body health and to the health of the mind, the health of relationships between us and those around us, the spiritual health. Looking online on one of the additional resources recommended,, I have noticed that one of the symptoms of most diseases that affect a person's mental health is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep not only worsens man's mental health, but also causes serious imbalances in metabolism, immunity, general mood, and last but not least, affects the ability of learning and memorizing among students. The sleep fulfills a number of vital functions for both our mind and body. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, which is a valuable and useful …show more content…

It is alarming that the incidence of this disease is increasing among the students. According to Hales (2016), approximately 15 to 40 percent of college students may develop depression, a higher percentage being among women (p. 36). Generally, the causes of depression in young people are related to their school work, such as stress, especially on undergraduates students because they have to cope with new beginnings. Another risk factor is too little sleep. Most of them are spending a lot of time, especially night time, on the computers for school work or just for fun. Also, the academic pressure can lead to depression, especially on that students with poor academic performance. A family history depression can be another risk factor in students. There are several forms of depression therefore the treatment is different. Also, the disease should be treated differently in man than in woman, because the mode of manifestation of the disease is different for the woman than for the man. Unlike somatic diseases, depression, like many other mental illness benefit from both medication and psychotherapy. The disadvantage of drugs (antidepressants) is that in some cases, in the first few days after the start of treatment, there is an increase in suicidal thoughts or behavior. These patients must be closely monitored. On the other hand, psychotherapy ( brain stimulation therapy, counseling, interpersonal therapy), doesn’t hurt the patient. As with somatic diseases, besides these types of treatments, a special role in fighting this disease is to try to be as active as you can be, doing physical activities, being involved in group activities, set realistic goals for yourself, accept all help that you have

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  • Recommends maintaining a regular sleep schedule, avoiding alcohol, and drinking coffee before bedtime. lack of sleep causes imbalances in metabolism, immunity, mood and learning.
  • Recommends creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom to improve sleep. the bedroom should be well ventilated, quiet, and comfortable.
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