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I chose to be a psychiatrist for this career project. I chose to be a psychiatrist because I've always had an interest in the brain and mental health. It always baffles me how someone can be perfectly normal one day and then can be completely different the next day. I believe that this career is right for me because I would interact with new people every day, so my job would never bore me. It is extremely important to invest your time and energy into something you love to do. For example, for my upcoming research report, I chose Schizophrenia as my topic. I am looking forward to learning more about the disease and its side-effects on the people that have it. Psychiatrists have may difficult duties and responsibilities. They evaluate, diagnose and treat …show more content…

It would be so rewarding to know that I'm changing somebody's life for the better. The one responsibility that doesn’t appeal to me is that I would have to inform guardians, relatives and significant others of patients conditions and future. It would be heartbreaking to have to tell someone that a person they love isn't doing well and may not get better. I wish that I could only tell good news but that is not the case. There are many things required if you aspire to become a psychiatrist. You first must take undergraduate courses in biology, chemistry, math and physics which I would be taking at Michigan State University. After I finish my 4 years at MSU, I would earn my Bachelor's Degree. I would next go on to medical school at the University of Michigan and pursue a Medical Degree, which would take 4 years. After I completed my 4 years at U of M, I would have to do another 4 years in Residency. After my 12 years in college, I would have to obtain a license through Michigan's medical board. I would next want to become board certified through the American Board of Psychiatry and

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