Essay On Nursing Career

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The career i chose is a branch of the medical field. I chose a career in nursing, more specifically the career path of a registered nurse. This career consists of providing care for people of all ages and helping them with managing their conditions. I chose this career because my mother is an rn and my family has a strong presence in the medical field. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills, or talents needed, salary, benefits offered, and the duties for a particular career when making this decision. Nurses generally work out of hospitals or doctors offices. Some nurses work out of schools or the patient´s homes. The work hours for nurses in hospitals can vary from 2 a.m to 2 p.m but nurses the…show more content…
There other duties can include a number of things, simply what they are needed for. Some examples of stuff the may encounter in a workday include giving shots, drawing labs, taking vitals, recording observations, etc. The average salary for nurses nationwide is $67,490. The salary for nurses can vary based on performance and location. Nurses can earn a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) to greatly increase job prospects and pay. Conventional BSN programs take 4 years and are slightly more expensive to obtain but they greatly increase job prospects. The job market for the medical field is very high. Positions in the medical field are very sought after. The current status of the job market is excellent. ¨growth occurs for a number of reasons including increased emphasis preventative care, growing rates of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity; and demand from the baby boom population, as the live longer and more active lives¨…show more content…
The campus is located in Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. The cost per credit hour is $101. This is a relatively low cost compared to other colleges and universities in the area. Classes needed with this major is mathematics, chemistry, and baccalaureate track allied health class. Once graduated they will have to take and pass the NCLEX-RN, a national exam to practice as a registered nurse. Conventional BSN programs take around four years to complete. There is no set test score to get into rose state. You can take compass tests to determine your places. To get accepted you have to graduate in the top half of your class, or another option is to take remedial classes that do not count toward your degree. The curricular route im taking to meet my career goal is the standard college preparatory route. To reach my goals i need to apply for scholarships before deadlines and keep my grades high so it can have a positive effect on his transcript. To make the grades i want i have to turn in all my assignments and not get below a c average in any class. I also need to do volunteer work at local hospitals around the
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