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Mazeall 6 Lauren Mazeall Ms. Hughes English 1 Adv 26 March 2014 Psychiatric Career “To study the abnormal is the best way to study the normal” (William James). Psychiatrists never give up on any of their patients and always help anyone who asks for it. Psychiatrists have a never ending work schedule. Sometimes their patients call them even without an appointment because they are really struggling and they have to go talk to them. Psychiatrists also have to get at least eight years of school and an additional three or more years of an internship (“Career Information Center” 142- 43) . Psychiatrist must also have good communication skills. If they do not then their patient will feel like they do not care about them and they are not listening and the psychiatrists will be putting even more pain and pressure on them (Social Skills Training) . Even though psychiatrists must go through many years of school and training, all of their hard work is pays off knowing that they help people every day. Psychiatrists are physicians who help patients with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of any mental disorder. Psychiatrists can treat patients with a range of disorders from mild anxiety, to people with severe disorders that can cause dangerous behavior to anyone with a mental retardation, to anyone also suffering with alcoholism. Psychiatrists can also prescribe drugs to their patients because they are physicians. They undergo many years of training to be able to recognize the connection between mental disorders and physical disorders. Psychiatrists can work with their patients in their own private offices or in hospitals and clinics. Psychiatrists can also teach in medical school or research and study the causes and treatments ... ... middle of paper ... ...improving their lives. Psychiatrists have a never ending work schedule, improve people’s lives greatly, and have to go to school for more than 8 years and work so hard for their patients. Psychiatrists have one off the hardest working jobs throughout their career and their work never ends, but they are constantly helping others and changing their lives. Works Cited American Psychiatric Association. "What Is a Psychiatrist." Home. American Psychiatric Association, n.d. Web. 25 Feb. 2014. "Career Info for School Leavers." Careers Info for School Leavers. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 Feb. 2014. “Occupation Profile.” Careeronstop Pathways to Career Success. U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training administration, n.d. Web. 5 Feb. 2014. “Psychiatrist.” Career Information Center. 9th ed. Vol. 7. USA: Mamallion, 2007. 142-43. Print.

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