Introduction to Psychiatric Nursing

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In the real world deciding on what you want to do for the rest of your life can be scary and most certainly confusing. There are over thousands of different careers and lifestyles that could suit you. How do you know if you have chosen the right one? The idea of patients with mental disorders being kept in institutions did not become popular until the 17th century (“Psychiatric Nurses” Volume 5 150). A career such as Psychiatric Nurse Partitioning has its pros and cons, but the journey to becoming one is something that will miraculously change your life.
Education and Training
There are several different paths aspiring nurses can take. From becoming an RN to Advanced Masters and Doctoral Degrees. The one being focused on here is a Practitioner. “Nurse Practitioners are one of the four classifications of Advanced Practice Nurses” (“Nurse Practitioners” Volume 4 593). If a career in Psychiatric Nursing is in your future; for high school you should have taken, or will take, mathematics courses, and sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics (“Psychiatric Nurses” Volume 5 151). Once graduated from high school, you must have completed a four year college program, and have your Bachelors Degree, you are able to go for your nursing license. In order to receive this license you have to pass the National Examination. Once passed you can work as an RN (Registered Nurse). Then focus on psychology and go for your masters (“Nursing Education”). This is a difficult career that requires a lot of education and time put into it.
The personality of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse has to be particular. As being human there are certain personality traits you should have and skills needed. “The skills needed for this job are active...

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.... Keeping them alive is the main goal and if you can try your hardest to do that, this job will pay off and you will be incredibly satisfied with the career path you have chosen.

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