Power and Control in Fanthorpe's You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly and Dictator

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Power and Control in Fanthorpe's You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly and Dictator

Both poems have a sense of someone being controlled by someone who is

higher then they are. What I think Fanthorpe is trying to make a point

about is that we as humans are shallow, we judge before we actually

get to know people properly. We will not change our minds about

someone quickly as we base people on our first judgement of them,

which is usually wrong.

In 'you will be hearing from us shortly' the person is so unimportant

to the interviewer that no matter what their answer to a question is,

it is always wrong. We as the reader knows that the answer will be

wrong so we do not need to see the interviewee's answer. Fanthorpe has

purposely left a big gap between the interviewer's questions and

comments to have an effect on the reader, making it obvious to the

reader that the interviewee is not important. The interviewee has no

voice and so seems intimidated and insignificant for what he/she is,

you can tell the interviewer is superior and in control by his use of

sarcasm and rhetorical questions.

In verse one the use of the word 'adequate' and 'position' make up the

rhetorical question. By the interviewer simply using the word adequate

you have the sense that he already does not think that the person is

up to the position in hand. The next question uses 'qualities' the

interviewee already in the interviewer's eyes has no qualities. Just

from the first verse the person is seen as a failure and useless at

everything the person does. The response that the interviewee gave

must have been wrong or simply just plain because the only response

the int...

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...orgets to do, he forgets to sign the

letters. Without his signature they are useless and mean nothing and

it would have been a waste of time. This just shows even if people are

in power they cannot escape vulnerability. He was made out to be

amazing and the best when in reality he was not as great as thought to

have been. He is quite alright to organise other people and make sure

that they do their jobs but when it comes to his own organisation he

is useless, as it does not involve bossing somebody else about. Power

can lead people to become vulnerable, they get so wrapped up in their

big heads they forget simple things. Power also ruins other people

lives making them feel ever small and worthless. The two poems suggest

that we should not judge other people by their status or looks but by

their inside, the real person.
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