Government Power in 1984, by George Orwell

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The book 1984, by George Orwell is based on the theory of “Big Brother” and how he is always watching you. In the book, the Oceania government controls their citizens by saying and ordering them into not doing certain things. Which then forced their citizens to deceive their government by going in to hiding. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, Japanese-Americans were ordered to do certain things as well. Both of these two events prove that the government can force their citizens to do anything under their power. I think some parts of the government abuse the right of their power and manipulate their citizens into doing unlawful events. Both, the Oceania government and the U.S government had forced their citizens to do what they say even though it was against their individual rights. After, the Pearl Harbor attack Japanese-Americans were forced into internment camps. Not because they were found guilty of anything but just for the fact that they were Japanese and their ancestors were from Japan. It did no matter if they were born in the states or if they were the second generation to live in the states. The U.S government thought all Japanese-Americans were a national threat. In order to feel safe in the United Sates, all Japanese-Americans were ordered to evacuate their homes, sell all their items for low prices, leave their whole life behind, some were even separated from some of their family members, and were taken to camps across the nation. Once, at the camps they were obligated to check in, get a number, assigned a bunk, and required to stay within the barbwire camp. Japanese-Americans weren’t criminals, yet they were treated like they were. The Oceania government treated their citizens the same way; like prisoners. Instead, the Oceania government brainwashed their citizens into believing everything they had to say. The citizens of Oceania were convinced that Big Brother was always watching, the Thought Police could at any moment in time catch you for thinking something unlawful, or knowing there was nothing was illegal, but if caught it would end in death or twenty-five years in forced labor camp. (9) The Oceania society was not allowed to have thoughts or even opinions knowing their government has the capability of punishing them. The government had total and complete control of their people.
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