Domination And Power In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984

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The struggle for complete domination and power has been apparent in the past, most notably when Germany and Russia conflicted to maintain control in World War 2. In 1984, written by George Orwell, a totalitarian society seeks unlimited power by constantly monitoring it citizens. This monitoring was used to manipulate the minds and alter the thoughts of the people of Oceania. The population of Oceania is led to support ideas, which they do not truly believe. The lack of privacy and personal belief in citizens induces the idea of “doublethink”, where two contradictory ideas are both accepted. This is utilized by George Orwell to demonstrate political power and dominance. The Party forces the people to believe that “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,…show more content…
Big Brother is able to dominate his citizens through serious manipulation and effort, all of which is used to reach the goal of attaining all of the power. In Winston’s work at the Ministry of Truth being one of the ways I which the government attains power. The goal of the Ministry of Truth is to change history. By controlling our views regarding the past, the government is able to control how the future develops. Power is persuasive, and by using power effectively, the citizens of Oceania are persuaded that their friend yesterday is now the enemy and so on and so forth. Big Brother also gains power through the implementation of Thought Police. These Thought Police are used to control the citizens and cut down anyone that is not in 100% conformity. Lastly, the Ministry of Love is the final piece in Big Brother’s power-retainment strategy. The Ministry of Love is the last straw of sorts for the government. At the Ministry of Love, you are either manipulated into becoming a mindless government follower, imprisoned for life, or killed. With this trifecta approach the government takes in retaining power, it is now wonder why there is no hope for rebellion or change. Big Brother has and will forever hold all of the cards. The power will be forever
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