David Ortiz: The Life And Life Of David Americo Ortiz

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Collin Ballas Period D 4/16/14 David Ortiz His full name is David Americo Ortiz Arias. He was born on November 18, 1975. He was born in Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the capital of Dominican Republic. David Ortiz was the oldest of four children. He was known for being the fun one entertaining one of his family and of his friends. He was a calm and laid back guy for the most part you could always joke with him just because the guy he was. He a big effect in his family and had a big influence on his family. He helped raise his family and had an effect on sibling and how they were brought up. His two parents names were Enrique and Angela. Angela was his mother and Enrique was his dad. His dad's nickname was "Leo". His father had a deep passion for baseball he layer for several years in the Dominican baseball leagues Pro and Semi-Pro. David got the passion for the game from his dad Enrique that how he learned and that's why he succeeded and still is succeeding at the game today. He attended his fathers game and was there to show support his father whenever he could. One of his closest friends from Dominican is in the MLB with him today he is Pedro Martinez they grew up together and both shared the same dream and they both made it. Pedro brother Ramon made news by pitching in the Los Angeles Olympics.David's father wasn't good in just one aspect of the game he was a all around player he was a normal sized player and normal player but David was different. He was big and tall and powerful he is known for being a power hitter unli... ... middle of paper ... ...getting to the playoffs but he stats were incredible. His great season continued even though he slacked off a little of bit he was still a good player that was recognized in the MLB. In the 2012-2013 season they ended up getting back to the championship and winning it against the cardinals just like before when they beat them. Today he is still being a decent player in the league but he is getting old and he could retire in these next few years. Him as a person, he is a great person no doubt all you hear about him from other people are he funny guy and fun and nice to be around. Another amazing thing he does is that he is never selfish he is always giving he always gives to charities and doesn't forget about the people who got him here he loves his family and will never forget about them. www.jockbio.com www.kidzworld.com www.looktothestars.org

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