Power and Corruption in George Orwell´s 1984

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Nineteen Eighty-Four was written in the past yet seems to show very interesting parallels to some of today’s societies. Orwell explains many issues prominent throughout the book in which his main characters attempt to overcome. He shows how surveillance can easily corrupt those in control and how those in control become corrupt by the amount of power. Those with power control the society and overpower all those below. The novel shows what could potentially happen to our current society if power ends up leading to corruption. In Oceana’s society, those who control the power are the one’s who control the past, present, and future. The society of nineteen eighty-four could be seen as an example of our future society once those with power become corrupt. Orwell describes greatly the idea of surveillance and how it affects the lives of the citizens. In the current societies around the world, there is already a mass amount of surveillance occurring. Our usage of technology places a great role in our surveillance. With webcams built-in to nearly every computer, people may unknowingly be watched and monitored. Searches are monitored on the Internet as some key words lead to suspicion and then lead to a careful watch over the person. In nineteen eighty-four, the similarities between our current society and Oceana’s is quite noticeable. For Oceana, the telescreens can be viewed as today’s webcams, as they monitor, listen, and record anything it is able to pick up. This has already occurred in North Korea. North Korea could be described as a dystopian society. For all of its citizens the Internet is widely monitored and restricted, allowing only limited access. “One could speculate that it is more propaganda about the count... ... middle of paper ... ...art of the whole society and have greater power through the amount of support for the party, while those who believe otherwise are less powerful as their support is much less and limited. Orwell shows how those who do not conform will end up being taken down by those with the power and there is not much anyone could do about that. Those who believed in change and tried to change the society only ended up meeting failure as majority rules, those with more power will overpower the weak and succeed. Works Cited Wilcox, Cody, and Cody Bahler. "Internet Censorship." North Korea and the Kim Dynasty. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Mar. 2014. . Wilcox, Cody, and Cody Bahler. "North Korea's Food Production." North Korea and the Kim Dynasty. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Mar. 2014. .

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