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    Julius Caesar was the most powerful leader that ever lived, and through his military victories led Rome on the road to success. Caesar developed the “First Triumvirate,” which Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus was the “rule of three” (Nardo 18). Caesar was a genius that out maneuvered his opponents in battle, and brought Rome expansion of land and power. Caesar’s dictatorship was short lived, but he made many important changes to Rome in the positive direction. Caesar’s own senators were jealous of

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    Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", Caesar is displayed as a powerful and dynamic figure in Rome because of his many accomplishments in previous wars as well as battles. When Caesar returns to Rome from a recent victorious defeat in battle, he receives a warm welcome by all the citizens of Rome. They consider and see Caesar as a hero and a strong individual, which is why they attempt to crown him King three times. A group of generals in Caesar's army are jealous and concerned with the amount of power Caesar has;

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    the great Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus is known to be the most honorable man in Rome at the time and was well respected. Caesar is the ruler and has a successful military. He also seeks wealth and power. Antony is Caesar’s right hand man and good friend. He later acquires the position that Caesar had and also seeks wealth and power. All three men are after the job, but Brutus is obviously the one who was most suited for it and also the only one who never got the chance. Julius Caesar is the leader

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    For thousands of years people have been talking about the great powerful Caesar. He is one of the greatest known dictators known to people today mostly because of all of the things he was able to accomplish during his rein as emperor. After reading primary sources about Caesar, it has given me a better understanding of what other people thought of him during this time period. It’s safe to say that Caesar was obsessed with power and respect from other people that would explain his thirst for war and

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    Gaius Julius Caesar, commonly known as Julius Caesar, is an important figure who laid the foundation of the Roman Empire. He is one of the most famous roman ruler, Rome as ever had. He helped to establish the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, ended the Republic System when he was named Perpetual Dictator (44BC). And vastly created many other political and civil reforms. He was a very influential leader. Julius Caesar was born in Rome in July 100 BC. His parents were Gaius Julius

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    Julius Caesar Expository Essay The decisions that one man makes can determine the length of life. Rome has many people that have the characteristics to be great leaders. Antony is a manipulative man, Brutus is an honorable man, and Octavius is a quiet strength. All three men would do an excellent job in leading Rome. Antony is a manipulative man. This is shown throughout the play in several cases, but most prominently at Caesar’s funeral. “I thrice presented him a kingly crown which he did thrice

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    Early life Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Though he was a descendent of the oldest patrician family, Julius Caesar grew up in a very poor district of Rome called Subura. As a child, he studied martial arts, history, and law (“Julius Caesar”). At the age of seventeen, Julius married Cornelia, the daughter of Luciussulla, who was a dictator of Rome. Because Luciussulla did not approve of the marriage, he tried to force the two to divorce, but they both refused. Julius Caesar studied

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    good king or ruler? Julius Caesar is one of the most famous rulers of all time. He was one of Rome’s greatest and most powerful leaders. His changes to the empire helped take Rome to new levels of success. The life of Caesar was short, yet great. It is important to learn about this great man and his many accomplishments. Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 13th, 100 B.C. to a poor, Patrician family in Rome (“Julius Caesar”; Gruen 12). For most of his young life, Caesar lived in an apartment

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    taken over the United States himself. Julius Caesar was another extremely powerful leader. Julius Caesar was a strong, persuasive political and military leader of ancient Rome who shaped Roman life and set the precedent for other Roman leaders who followed. An important primary source for understanding Julius Caesar is his speech “The Alternative of Exile.” It shows his fairness, pervasiveness, and power that led him to become such a powerful leader. Julius Caesar was born in 100 BCE (McManus 1). Caesar’s

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    Julius Caesar, The man famous for the quote, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Well known for being a renowned Roman general as well as a statesman, Julius Caesar went on to be a dictator of the Roman Empire. This one man impacted the course of history of the Roman Empire through alliances, gaining widespread support, and changing policies in the government. Although to comprehend how he impacted the Roman Empire, one must first look upon his rise to power. Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus was

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    shaky hands while operating on someone’s heart. People often come in contact with pride in both the fictional world and the real world. Just like the timeless story of being over prideful, the themes in William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, still appeal to today’s audience. First, the theme of leadership is an excellent example of being over confident and acting like he or she is above everyone else. Secondly, the theme of betrayal is led to when a person thinks and acts upon what

  • Julius Caesar: The Spirit of Caesar

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    the best at everything – now imagine Julius Caesar. It seems as though the last one doesn’t fit, does it? However, wasn’t Caesar one of the most influential people during the time of the Roman Empire AND didn’t he influence our world today? As well as in reality, in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, this man has a very interesting role. Despite the fact that he is immensely influential during his life, after his assassination it seems as though Caesar is still influential – or, more specifically

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    Everardo Ahumada CPT Morales ENG 022 7 April. 2014 Julius Caesar A good leader is a person who is well-educated, respectful, open-minded, good communicator, etc. In the play of Shakespeare Julius Caesar, Antony plays a major role, as a leader, showing love, respect and always being loyal to Julius Caesar. Antony has always been showing these traits towards Julius Caesar identifying him as the noblest man in Rome. By the end of this play, Julius Caesar is killed and Antony gets inspired in getting revenge

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    ?Gaius? Julius Caesar By: Bryson Hathaway Thesis: By looking at Julius Caesar, one can see that he was very successful in many ways most importantly in the way of leading an army. This is important because Rome grew appreciably with Caesar in command. Guiding Question: How and why did Caesar grow the Roman Empire so much? Early life: Julius Caesar was born July 13, 100 BC to Gaius Julius Caesar who was an praetor (important person in government), and Aurelia Caesar who was more known

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    Julius Caesar elected himself as the dictator of Rome. He became a favorite to many of the people of the lower classes. Unlike many leaders, Caesar valued the poor. Most people agreed with his decisions, but some of the higher classes’ did not. On March 15 44 BCE, now called the Ides of March, a few of Caesars’ closest peers decided to murder Caesar. Marcus Brutus killed Julius Caesar, on March 15. Many people were involved with the murder of Caesar however, Brutus had the biggest part in the assassination

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    Julius Caesar was the dictator of Rome in his prime. Some say his journey to the top was paved in corruption, other claimed he was a man of the people. His enemies knew to fear him for his ruthlessness. His followers adored him because everything that he had succeeded in was done for them. Unfortunately, his betrayal transpired by his senators who felt he had grown too powerful and stabbed him to death. However, Julius Caesar’s connection to the political world, his innate ability as an army general

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    forever. The man’s name is Gaius Julius Caesar, better known as merely Julius Caesar. He was born on July 13, 100 BC, he died in the Ides of March, 44 BC. I would like to talk about his career as a politician where he shaped Rome forever and as a general where he distinguished himself as a great mind. To know why he is such a great politician and general, we must explore his life and how is greatness manifested in the last days of the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar is

  • The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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    Tragedy of Julius Caesar, manipulative language acts prominently between the characters. Brutus struggles to decide if the safety of the Roman Republic appears more important than his friendship with Julius Caesar. Cassius tries to persuade him to join the conspiracy that decides to kill Caesar. Envious of Julius Caesar’s power, the Senators believes that when Caesar becomes ruler, the change of government forever affects Rome. Brutus agrees that it seems for the best of Rome for Caesar never to become

  • Julius Caesar Flaws

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    Julius Caesar was a great leader of Rome and because he was a great leader, he felt that nothing could harm him. He felt so powerful because of his accomplishments in the Roman Empire and that it led to him being prideful, arrogant and ambitious. These tragic flaws together result in a great leader, however, it led to Caesar’s death. From the beginning of the play, Julius Caesar had so much power that it caused him to be weak minded when it comes to fear. For example, Caesar was talking to Antony

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    The Life of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar is and was one of the most influential people in history. He created laws, stuck wars, and developed new strategies for leadership and battles. "Caesar is widely considered to be one of the greatest military geniuses of all time, as well as a brilliant politician and one of the ancient world's strongest leaders (Julius Caesar pg.1)." He transformed the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire and he extended his land all the way through Gaul to The Atlantic