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    Early life Julius Caesar was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Though he was a descendent of the oldest patrician family, Julius Caesar grew up in a very poor district of Rome called Subura. As a child, he studied martial arts, history, and law (“Julius Caesar”). At the age of seventeen, Julius married Cornelia, the daughter of Luciussulla, who was a dictator of Rome. Because Luciussulla did not approve of the marriage, he tried to force the two to divorce, but they both refused. Julius Caesar studied

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    taken over the United States himself. Julius Caesar was another extremely powerful leader. Julius Caesar was a strong, persuasive political and military leader of ancient Rome who shaped Roman life and set the precedent for other Roman leaders who followed. An important primary source for understanding Julius Caesar is his speech “The Alternative of Exile.” It shows his fairness, pervasiveness, and power that led him to become such a powerful leader. Julius Caesar was born in 100 BCE (McManus 1). Caesar’s

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    good king or ruler? Julius Caesar is one of the most famous rulers of all time. He was one of Rome’s greatest and most powerful leaders. His changes to the empire helped take Rome to new levels of success. The life of Caesar was short, yet great. It is important to learn about this great man and his many accomplishments. Gaius Julius Caesar was born on July 13th, 100 B.C. to a poor, Patrician family in Rome (“Julius Caesar”; Gruen 12). For most of his young life, Caesar lived in an apartment

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    Julius Caesar, The man famous for the quote, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” Well known for being a renowned Roman general as well as a statesman, Julius Caesar went on to be a dictator of the Roman Empire. This one man impacted the course of history of the Roman Empire through alliances, gaining widespread support, and changing policies in the government. Although to comprehend how he impacted the Roman Empire, one must first look upon his rise to power. Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Augustus was

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    shaky hands while operating on someone’s heart. People often come in contact with pride in both the fictional world and the real world. Just like the timeless story of being over prideful, the themes in William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, still appeal to today’s audience. First, the theme of leadership is an excellent example of being over confident and acting like he or she is above everyone else. Secondly, the theme of betrayal is led to when a person thinks and acts upon what

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    Julius Caesar was the most powerful leader that ever lived, and through his military victories led Rome on the road to success. Caesar developed the “First Triumvirate,” which Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus was the “rule of three” (Nardo 18). Caesar was a genius that out maneuvered his opponents in battle, and brought Rome expansion of land and power. Caesar’s dictatorship was short lived, but he made many important changes to Rome in the positive direction. Caesar’s own senators were jealous of

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    Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", Caesar is displayed as a powerful and dynamic figure in Rome because of his many accomplishments in previous wars as well as battles. When Caesar returns to Rome from a recent victorious defeat in battle, he receives a warm welcome by all the citizens of Rome. They consider and see Caesar as a hero and a strong individual, which is why they attempt to crown him King three times. A group of generals in Caesar's army are jealous and concerned with the amount of power Caesar has;

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    Julius Caesar is mostly known for his great leadership in Rome's Empire, he accomplished everything he purposed and he did whatever it took to make it happen. Just a little background information is needed. He had all it took to be such a leader; women were in love with him, men wanted to be part of his army and children wanted to be like him when they grow up. For Caesar all it took was courage and selfishness to get to where he was. I am studying the rhetoric of the characters Brutus and Antony

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    Julius Caesar Everyday life in Rome was quite organised. People could only dress that represented themselves and their status. Being a Roman citizen was very important and even the poor of the poor were proud to be Roman. Rome was governed by the triumvirate. This included Pompey, Crassus and Julius Caesar. Unfortunately Crassus died in a battle. This caused disruption and Caesar and Pompey fell out because neither wanted to share Rome. Eventually Caesar killed Pompey and his two sons.

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    Julius Caesar This is the attractive story based on true history of the birth of the Roman Empire, beginning with the brutal murder of their leader, Julius Caesar. Three of the characters show the human traits of being three-dimensional and dynamic, Anthony, Caesar's loyal companion; Cassius, one of the conspirators; and Caesar himself. This story begins from a Caesar’s returning from a war. He brings a lot of money, slaves glory. Romans are very proud of him and they all love him. But