Persuasive Essay On Volunteering In College

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Volunteering in College
President John Adams once said, "There are two kinds of education. One teaches you how to earn a living. The other teaches you how to live” (Adams). I agree with Mr. Adams and I think colleges should provide both types of education. Calling for students to complete community service hours will build the grounds on which they build the rest of their lives. However, many people don’t even give community service a chance. They say they’re too busy, it’s not for them, or simply choose not to do it. At my high school, we were required to complete thirty two hours of community service for graduation; many students came to love it.
Unless we educate students in community service, as well, we will only handicap future generations. In terms of importance, math and volunteering are no different. Believe it or not, the value of volunteering can even outplay geometry or calculus. Community service teaches students the importance of giving back, more than any classroom experience could ever give. Community service builds character and it shapes the kind of students that schools and …show more content…

I understand no one wants to work on their days off, but taking a few hours every now and again will quickly add up to the hours needed. Also, if a student is involved with a club or group on campus, many of them do community service anyways. Hidden Promise students, Greek Life students, and other clubs and organizations are all examples of groups that already provide community service. A student would be able to complete two requirements by doing community service hours. Stated online at Student Finance Domain “Community service helps college students strengthen their social and academic skills and gives kids a positive influence in their lives. For most fraternities and sororities, community service is required to maintain your active membership”

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