Community Service Hours In High School

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Community service hours are a significant issue to all students around the globe, as they are taking a substantial amount of time away from their lives scouring for some kind of work to do. This is especially a problem for those who do not live near any public organizations, and do not have the schedule to do any work for them. Most students go searching around their neighborhood asking if their neighbors have any work for them, which does not help anyone academically. Thus, most community service hours that are done don’t relate to their academic classes or technical area. The effect community service has on both the school and the student are, in most cases, negative, strictly because of the ‘forced’ aspect of it. Students should not have to feel enslaved when trying to pass high school, especially since many other school districts do not have a …show more content…

If students want to learn more about their field, they should feel inclined to actually do the work on their own. Also, if a school makes each student complete at least 24 hours of community service to graduate, every student in the school will graduate with the exact same amount, which means hundreds of students are going to the workforce with no advantage over the other. Lastly, graduation is a big part of anyone’s life, and disallowing it can be devastating, especially for a very small problem. If a student works countless hours getting straight A’s every year, they should not be denied graduation because they didn’t work service hours at their local laundromat. Forcing community service hours is completely redefining what graduation is, since it used to be that the student excelled enough in each subject to get the passing grades, which isn’t the case when students are concurrently forced to do worthless

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