Importance Of Community Service And Why It Should Be Required To Graduate

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Community Service and Why It Should Be Required to Graduate English 11B 5th hour Nichole Sleight 3-31-14 Ever wonder why you didn’t get that job you wanted? How would you feel if you knew a recent high school graduate got that job because they were more qualified than you? High schoolers that do community service, that is required to graduate, are becoming more certified for jobs because they get all kinds of different experiences. From volunteering at the local gardens, giving service to the elderly and cleaning up the streets, they get to serve and put their time into the community. What is community service? The dictionary definition is: ‘Voluntary work, intended to be for the common good, usually done as part of an organized scheme.’ ("Collins English Dictionary" ) People all over the country are doing community service for church activities, scouts, and because its what the judge ordered. Why not have the students do this as well, there's definitely no shortage of service to be done. If someone wanted to become a dental hygienist after they graduated, they could volunteer at the local dentist office starting from the bottom, taking out the trash, and heading up to the top, and assisting the hygenist. They could ask questions, get real life experience and cut a few of their service hours off. This would help them get real life, up to date, knowledge they wouldn’t learn in the classroom with a text book. School alone can’t help you with every situation you will encounter later in life, service helps you build skills, and helps you, help your community. Employers look for things like community service, computer technology, and social skills when they look at a resume. Having things like this says that t... ... middle of paper ... ...heir things, or even clean up the bus after a traveling game. To get in these extra hours just have your coach or a teacher see you doing these things and sign off on your paper. Nothing like helping the school janitor. Some students leave trash at the table after lunch and leave it to the janitor to pick up. This takes up a lot of time on their part and not very nice on the students part. Some of the students, after their lunch, can go and help the janitors and pick up the trash around the seats and wipe the crumbs off the table. Do this every day and your service hours can add up fast and you don’t have to worry about it later. Having community service should be required in all high schools across America, for these reasons and many others. It wouldn’t just benefit the students, but employers, communities, the elderly, neighbors, friends, and relatives.

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