Community Service Should NOT Be Required for Graduation

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Community service is a common service for people to take care of each other and volunteer. People apply to different community services: soup kitchen, taking care of children and homeless people, clinics, churches, schools, neighbor's house and many countless places to volunteer. Some people really enjoy to work at community services while others do not. These community services can be a punishment for criminals because a court assigns them to do so. However, some people do not agree with community service supporters. While some people believe that there should be a community service requirement for high school and college graduation because students need to learn and have experiences there, they are right; on the other hand, a community service requirement should be allowed for two reasons and not be allowed for another three reasons. A community service requirement should be allowed for a career exploration. Community services can help people to find their careers if these careers have to do with people’s goals and plans. These community services have a lot of career options. For example, a community service at any hospitals and clinics can be beneficial for people who major in pre-med or nursing either. Additionally, other people can volunteer in these types of community services also if these people are undecided to major in a medical field. Furthermore, other types of community services: soup kitchen, neighbor's house, social services to take care of children and homeless people can help people to choose their careers to be a counselor, a teacher, a social worker, a human resource worker, a clergy, and many different types of workers to work with and help people. When people are undecided, they can go to any commun... ... middle of paper ... ...h to work with children in elementary level classroom; I helped them to be prepared for a special dancing and singing mixed event in the other side of a church. I enjoyed working in the classroom at this church, but I never thought to become a clergy, a priest or a religion-related worker because I am not really religious person. In the mean time, this community service did not help me to choose a career and explore skills and interests. However, some people would feel do not want to volunteer because they do not see what is the point of it when it has nothing to do with their plans. I concede a community service for a career exploration, but this should not be a requirement for graduation because it is unfair to people who have career plans. A community service requirement should not be allowed to be adjusted in students’ schedules while they are in school because

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