100 Hours In High School

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This school should not require 100 hours of community service as a graduation requirement because of the busy lives of teenagers, the pressure of graduation, and loss of enthusiasm for community service. Schools should encourage community service but this is not the way to do it. Teenagers already have to deal with being at high school for 6+ hours but also have to do homework (which can be can also be 6+ hours with AP classes). Teenagers also often have to deal with sports, jobs, clubs, and then there’s familial issues they have to deal with. Community service work should not interfere with sleep or school work. There are things every year that puts pressure on students. Freshman year being the first year of high school so they’re just learning how it works. Sophomore year can be the toughest for most being the transition after freshman year and dealing with tougher classes for the first time. Junior year is the when grades actually matter for college and when you…show more content…
Plus, volunteering isn’t the only way to experience these things. Not everyone has grown up in areas with people just like them and things like social media have made people become more aware of things in the world and it has let them be able communicate with different people all over the world. Community service is only one way to achieve its benefits and it’s unfair for schools to enforce this on students that would like to reap its rewards another way. If schools wanted to encourage community service then they shouldn’t force students to do it. Schools should let students know about volunteering opportunities and possibly let them sign up for the school so that it is easier for them to do so if they want
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