Persuasive Essay On Team Sports

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Team Sports According to Statics Canada over 55 percent of children under 16 years of age, play team sports. Well the other remaining percentage is either participating in solo sports or not doing any organized physical activity . In my opinion every child under the age of 16 should be apart of team sports for the following reasons; Team sports build character, Team sports teach children many group social skills, and lastly it a way to get children out of the house and being active with others. Those reasons are why I believe team sports are a important in the development of young adults in the making. Team sports are proven to build character in young ones in the following categories, working with others, leadership, relationships and…show more content…
Talking is a huge part of every team sport, it could be using non-verbal cues while being on the field or court, listening to the coach and referees, or even the post game pep talk given by a fellow player, and the after game debrief discussion. Learning these communication skills will also show children how to effectively convey to others when there is a problem, and then use many different social skills they have been taught to deal with the issue. Being made to communicate with others during team sport goes along way outside of just sports. For me personally I was a super shy child and still am to a certain degree. Sports helped me become who I am today with my social skills. Not only does it improve communication skills but also social skill in the aspect of having to talk to all of your fellow team mates and being pushed the get along of them and maintain good relationship with each player and even without all of these amazing reasons to involve children in team sports, lastly its fun and a good way to insure they will be
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