Persuasive Essay On Disciporal Punishment

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Corporal punishment is a traditional practice of imposing pain, which is commonly used by parents towards children to remove an unpleasant behavior. It is also a physical force towards a child for the purpose of control, and as a disciplinary penalty inflicted on the body. The parents play a pivotal role in honing and disciplining their child with regards to his/her actions. Hitting them with physical objects and forcing them to do cleaning works are some of the ways of discipline, which were done at home. In the year 2000, research, the convention, and law reform – modified the punishment towards children. According to research, 20,000 people in the U.S – particularly those who are 20 years old and above, 1,258 experienced punishment by pushing, grabbing, slapping and hitting. 19,349 people had been reported that they didn’t experience such kind of punishment. Moreover, it is also executed on the children, in order for them to act independently and to visualize the negativities of being careless and dependent to others. Punishment is also …show more content…

It is effective in a way that children would know how to manage their own behavior to a certain situation, and they may know what is right and wrong. If ever the punishment has gone beyond discipline and turned out to violence, the child’s capability of doing the things that he/she does could be discriminated nor humiliated. The frequent use of punishment may disengage into acting younger. According to Lodhi & Siddiqui (2014), corporal punishment leave scars in the memories of children which are unforgettable and unhealed. The child’s development of anti-social behavior may possibly occur. Lowering of self-esteem can be a factor leading to a child’s perception that he/she is a bad person. Punishment involves a negative experience for the child that occurs after they have done a certain action, which the adult condemns. (Lodhi, M.S., & Siddiqui, J.A.,

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