Persuasive Essay On Capital Punishment

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In 1986, Randy Steidl was convicted of the murder of Dyke and Karen Rhoads. After spending seventeen years in prison, twelve of which were on death row, he was freed from his sentence. The police had discovered that he had been framed through fabricated testimony in an effort to keep the real killer hidden from the police. When the jurors found no solid evidence of his relation to the crime, he was released and now contributes in an effort to repeal the death penalty (Exonerees). Capital punishment is the legal authorization to kill someone for committing a crime of a certain status. Capital punishment is expensive, it poses a risk of executing someone who is innocent, and it does not deter crime. The United States should federally ban capital punishment. As many people begin to examine the debate of whether or not the death penalty should be inflicted upon those who commit such heinous crimes in the United States, are finding flaws in the system. One of those flaws being that the cost of executing someone on death row is much higher than someone sentenced to life-without-parole. This may come as a shock to many people due to the fact that it costs a sufficient amount of money to provide food, shelter, and security to the people sentenced to a lifetime in prison. This forces much of society to question whether such funds…show more content…
Governments cannot meet everyone’s demands for government funds, but they are finding new ways to cut money where it is not needed, and capital punishment has been one of those considered areas. With low crime rates and secure prison facilities, law enforcement has been digging into these ideas very seriously. In a study done by David Drehle for an article in Time Magazine, he
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