Argumentative Essay On Child Punishment

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Has your child ever misbehaved in a store? Have they ever thrown a fit because they didn’t get what they wanted? Did they have a tantrum because they didn’t like the decision you made? Have you ever wanted to spank your child for misbehaving? Well, maybe you shouldn’t spank your child as a punishment. Studies show that when you spank your kid repeatedly, it can have negative effects on them. Facts also show that spanking your child isn’t only harming the child, but it could be harming the parent as well. Parents shouldn’t spank their kids or use corporal punishment as a punishment. The reason for this is because capital punishment affects children’s learning in a negative way, it affects areas of the child’s brain causing violence, and capital…show more content…
The children could get aggressive over time and start hitting his/her parents. A 2002 study found that across time periods and across countries children that were spanked regularly were found to be more aggressive from childhood to adulthood ( According to several studies done in 1987 and 1990, the more children were hit, or spanked, by their parent or an adult the more likely they were to hit others including peers, siblings, and their spouse later in life along with their future children ( According to CNN, children that have been regularly spanked have what is known as hostile attribution bias ( This means that their brains just automatically expect people to be mean to them or spank them. This makes children essentially hostile towards everyone. If someone is coming towards them like they are going to hit them, then they are going to “bull up” and fight them back. Facts prove that spanking your kids makes them more hostile and more defensive towards others. They don’t always have to be in danger or have others being mean to them for the children to get aggressive and dis the payment back out. It is a proven fact that children who are more aggressive as children are more aggressive as adults. Other sources show that if your child was spanked at school, then they are more aggressive and hostile towards other kids. This is because the protective region in the brain “fires up” and puts them into protective mode. They then tend to mistreat teachers and children when they feel threatened. The more kids are spanked the higher the risk for them to commit Juvenal crime suck as assaulting others, and constantly beating people. Some studies show that adults that were spanked as kids will handle high stressful tension with aggression towards others. Studies also show that children tend to be meaner to their friends as a way of showing their
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