Negative Essay: Should Smacking Be Spanking A Child?

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872 words

In this essay, smacking is defined as spanking a child with the purpose to either discipline or punish. Professor Murray characterizes beating as the utilization of physical power with the expectation of making a child encounter torment yet not causing them to get injured, with the end goal of controlling their child’s attitude. The most frequent physical punishment which is categorized as sensible include the age of the child and the form of punishment. The negative impacts on smacking a child can be seen as research shows it reduces cognitive ability by lowering the IQ. However, there is an argument which states that there is a positive relationship between harsh discipline and how a child deals with problems in later life. This may be true in some cases but smacking may create kids to have bad mental health such as low self-esteem. Consequently, smacking children should be made illegal. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that smacking is defined as spanking a child with the purpose of either discipline or punishing.
  • Explains that parents who smack children put their children at risk of a reduction in cognitive ability and lower scores on tests. smacking children affects on their social behaviour such as the rates of alcohol abuse and disorders.
  • Explains that despite the negative effects of smacking, a child who has been hit is proven to be better than those who have not.
  • Explains that smacking makes children more successful, but it can also cause psychological harm.
  • Concludes that smacking harms a child while also being beneficial for the future of the child.

Smacking decreases the capability of a child to reach their full potential by decreasing their IQ levels. The argument against this was that smacking is seen as an action with good intentions as it is carried out to protect against antisocial behaviours However, this idea was rejected as smacking also affects the mental wellbeing of children in particular their emotions and how they look in the eyes of others Thus, smacking should be made illegal. In the present day, we cannot monitor closely what an individual does to their kids at their homes. A better solution for smacking would be to inforce a stricter law. The reason for any law would be to re-evaluate what is rational and the reinforcement of law should be joined with a general campaign which guides parents to the proper way of parents which includes proper disciplining children since young so that good habits will persist throughout their

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