Corporal Punishment in Public Schools

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Corporal punishment is defined as “an infliction of punishment to the body.” My primary reason for not approving corporal punishment would be that corporal punishment creates a negative reaction from the student’s perspective plus additional problems in the end. To discipline students in a way that will harm them into non-misbehavior is not the way to go. I claim that corporal punishment in public schools should not be permitted because it is barbaric, harmful, and in no way a method to solve personal problems.

First, corporal punishment in public schools is barbaric because it can cause so much stress in a child who usually experiences this from bullying or child abuse. Brain scans display a structural and biochemical change that affects a child’s social behavior. For example, in an article written by Shen-Li Lee, argues that a “child’s anterior cingulated gyrus (ACG) suffers from cell loss, which affects a child’s ability to moderate and emphasize their fear.” Furthermore, the pathway to their brain is changed in ways that can affect their ability to manage stress, which can lead to the child being impulsive, and aggressive toward other people. In addition states that it “can cause impairment to the brain, which can lead to disorders such as ADHD, depression, impaired attention, etc.”

Secondly, corporal punishment in schools should not be permitted is because it can lead to harmful effects in a student’s health. Because according to Science Daily “a child in a school that uses corporal punishment has performed worst in tasks involving executive functioning-- such as, for example: planning, abstract thinking, and delaying gratification.” In addition, according to Social Development, “harshly punitive environm...

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...nsion programs, expulsion, Saturday School, restitution, and detention.

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