Persuasive Essay On Crime And Punishment

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Free will is a very complicated concept that has been found to be present in both humans and animals and, as such, it is difficult to prove, and even theorise, whether or not humans are responsible for their own actions. While it is a heavy topic of discussion in both psychology and philosophy, it is the implications of this that is the most important. Either way, crime and punishment and religion that is something that should also be looked at. Free will is the term for a particular way of thinking in which an individual chooses to act or behave without exterior input from a variety of alternative actions (O’Connor, 2002). For example, if a person was waiting to cross the road, they have the ability to either wait until the green light signals …show more content…

Just the impact of a population’s influence on an individual is evident in rules that are present in every society in existence. Rules are a crucial part to our society, with the basic Christian values held in the Ten Commandments governing the way in which our society functions (Federer, 2003). Religious beliefs – while not held by every single person of the population – still have a huge impact on what behaviours we believe to be good or bad. An example of this – exempt from the typical rules of not committing murder or thievery – is the fourth commandment which states “Keep Holy the Sabbath”, which has influenced the fact that Sundays are not included in any time limit for the president to make a decision. Evidence of religion has also been found in studies that demonstrate the way in which religion can dominate our lives and the way in which we act in relation to autonomy (Kunzendorf, Connors, Arrecis, Farrington & Carter, 2008). Here, they found that people who were morally autonomous and believed that there was such thing as free will also believed in the influence of God, as well as acting instead like behaviour was predictable and predetermined. While in terms of having a

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