Persuasive Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Child, parent, teacher, friend – regardless of what title you might have, bullying is a issue that everyone should be conscious of. Whether it is physical bullying or cyber bullying, this not only affects the adolescent when the bullying is occurring, but effects can also be shown when the child matures. Although it is difficult to end bullying completely, there are steps parents and teachers can take to help children from being the victim or the bully. When bullying is occurring, it is essential that either the parent or the teacher take notice and immediately intervene. Bullying often goes unnoticed due to the fact that children are scared to speak up. Jan Hughes Ph.D., an educational psychology professor at Texas A&M, has studied bullying…show more content…
Most parents do not realize how damaging bullying can be to a child or adolescent until a loved one of theirs, whether family or friend, becomes the victim. While there are laws being reviewed to help guarantee that bullying is not dismissed in the school system, parents should take precautionary measures to help prevent bullying from occurring. Communication with the child is important. Educating them about bullying is essential and should be made known that it is not tolerable. If your child shares with you that people are being mean to them at school, do not ignore it and dismiss it. It is common for children to down play what is actually going on as a result of feeling embarrassed. On the other hand, if your child shares with you that they have seen another child being bullied, encourage them to talk to their teacher or an adult at school rather than them just stand there and watch it happen. Another step that can stop bullying from occurring is to set boundaries when it comes to technology. It has become easier to hide behind a screen and type hurtful things without realize how damaging it can be to someone’s
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