The Importance Of Bullying Essay

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Why are kids so mean to other? I don’t think I 'll ever understand why kids need to be so mean to other. I never had a problem in class with other kids but I know a lot of kids that did and were hurt from it in serious ways. Bullying is nothing to play with one because kids can take bullying to wanting to kill themselves and two no kids should have to go through bullying at all. Bullying had change people live in so many ways that no one can understand unless you have been in their shoes. For kids in elementary and middle school my one way to help is get a bunch of kids that have been bullying in school and everyone get a sticky note and write on them saying something that helped you to ease the pain and hand it to them then maybe they will see that what they are doing isn 't working and they need to stop it before someone get hurts or something bad happens and they feel bad about it for a lifetime. My second way is if you in middle school get some friends and get some sticky note or whatever you have around you or can find and write positive word on the and put them up in the school.
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There are a lot of students, peer, friends, and family members have lost their life because they couldn’t handle the bullying anymore and they didn’t tell anyone about it so none could help them. Bullying happens everyday and none takes time out of their day and see if their friends are ok. Yes a lot of friends aren 't going to say if they are getting bullied but you should at least check on someone you love is ok and having a great day. Bullying can happen anywhere and everywhere you can think about just because of people 's background and if that person is getting bullied at home of what is going on in their life to make them want to bully. When as a teacher you might not see it happening because you can 't be everywhere at once but you should still make sure when you are looking at students they are playing

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