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Every seven minutes a child is bullied. On average, 68 percent of students say that “other kids pick on them, make fun of them or bully them” (“Statistics”). This causes students to turn to violence. bullied or made fun of which cause them to become violent. How much longer are schools going to sit back and do nothing about bullies? Without punishing bullies, students’ will continue to harm themselves to massive extents. Schools are not doing enough to stop or prevent bullying, as demonstrated by the creation of the group Stand for the Silent.
Bullying incidents need to be monitored and stopped when they are happening. Schools need to do more to prevent bullying issues and stop them for good. Most children are too afraid to say anything to
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The students share stories of other families experiences or their own experiences of deaths due to bullying along with Kirk describing his first hand tragic experience. The way that they approach the students is life changing. With the different approach on explaining bullying, students and teachers are beginning to understand the real effects and consequences of people’s actions. As of May 2010, the Smalleys’ have spoken to over 580,000 kids and have visited hundreds of schools (“Stand for the Silent”). Not only have they visited schools, but they have personally met with President Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House to attend the first ever conference discussing bullying (“Stand for the Silent” ). The story of Ty Smalley’s tragic bullying experience is featured in the film Bully. The most important goal is to commit students to helping people face bullying and know they are not alone. Students who want to participate in changing people’s actions can be considered for a chapter group. Stand for the Silent wants to create as many chapter as the can and each participating area gets a chapter to participate in. Pledge cards are another big step in showing that each participant is committed in helping stand up for the people who choose to be silent. Aspiration, love, hope, respect…show more content…
Stand for the Silent is one of the many groups that reach out to families who have lost their children due to bullying. If schools had a system that punished bullies for what they were doing then more kids would feel safe enough to report it. Teachers need to build trust with their students so that if they are being harassed they feel comfortable enough to tell them. If schools do not start to change the way they act towards bullying than the rate of suicides will increase. One factor schools and peers need to learn and take seriously is the fact they need to Stand for the

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