Putting an End to Bullying in America

Imagine yourself watching the News before you go to bed or while you are sipping your cup of coffee before you leave to beat the morning rush. Now imagine, the News without the coverage that involves bullying. Unfortunately this is hard to do because incidents that involve bullying fill the News. Bullying happens in homes, in schools, at work, in the military; and just about everywhere else. Bullying needs to be stopped immediately at younger ages to end the reoccurrence of bullying throughout everyday life. America has struggled with bullying for many decades. Bullying is a broad topic. Bullying can be defined many different ways as well as expressed in different ways and places. Bullying has different effects on everyone. Bullying is not only physical, but also affects the victim emotionally and socially. Cyber bullying and verbal bullying are different ways someone harms another person. Sexual harassment is a major form of bullying as well. “Bullying Laws” defines cyberbullying as online emails, text messages, or posts on social media and other websites (“Bullying Laws”). Examples of verbal bullying would be name-calling, threatening, and teasing. Bullying can be between peers, or between different ages. People are not aware of the laws that are in place. “As of October, 2010, 45 states had bullying laws” (“Bullying Laws”). Due to the fact, bullying is so common between many age groups and done in many ways, it is important to recognize the problem and make policies and laws to reduce bullying between all ages. Bullying has both short term and long effects on the victim. A victim of someone who has been bullied for so long can lead to them bullying other individuals, making this a never-ending cycle. "Bu... ... middle of paper ... .... Web. 3 Apr 2014. . "NASP Fact Sheet - Zero Tolerance.", 2014. Web. 3 Apr 2014. . Mccarty, Tennie. "Bullying and Body Image: How Bullying Leads to Eating Disorders." The Huffington Post, 2014. Web. 7 Mar 2014. . "Prevention at School |", 2014. Web. 6 Mar 2014. . Wartick, Michael. Personal interview. 24 March 2014. "Workplace Bullying: What Can You Do?.", 2014. Web. 7 Mar 2014. .

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