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A bully is someone who picks on other people, because they think it is the way to solve their problems. There are many types of bullying, there is physical, verbal, and mental. Children that are ages five through eleven began using verbal abuse and some even use physical abuse (Garrett 33). People estimated that one hundred and sixty thousand students miss school every day, and twenty-eight million missed school days per year, due to fear of being bullied (Garrett 36). Six million boys and four million girls are involved in fights from being bullied or bullying others (Garrett 33). Also, there is an estimate that over five hundred and twenty-five thousand people are bullies in America (Garrett 35). “Freshman, particularly are the victims of bullies in high school, especially if they are small and smart” (Garrett 31-32). Many people are bullied because of the way they look, or the way they act.“ Children from violent homes are three or four times more likely to become a bully” (Garrett 30). Some bullies may make fun of people because they were made fun of, beaten, or unwanted as they grew up. Most children become bullies to gain power (Verial). Bullies do what they do so they “feel competent, successful, to control someone else, to get some relief from their own feelings of powerlessness” (Garrett 72).When children grow up they may become bullies, because of the abusive environment they were raised in by their parents.
Bullies usually have had a traumatic childhood or have personal problems (Verial). “A lack of consistent consequences and parenting can also lead to children exhibiting bully behaviors” (Hatter). Also, “ a parent who falls back on parenting techniques based on aggression may fit the bullying profile” (Hatter). ...

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... to punish them back so they start bullying the ones that bullied them (Garrett 28). Schools where bullying gets the most attention only makes things worse and causes more cliques (Garrett 20). When children come together in cliques they attend to hurt other kids on purpose just to make them feel better about themselves.
“The home is the most violent place in the United States” (Garrett 19). Any one can become a bully. Some people who are being bullied may also become bullies some at some point in their life. Parents can ruin their children’s life many ways from not giving them enough attention, punishing them the wrong way, abusive environment, friends and teachers. If the society is suspecting children are being mistreated at home, then they should do home check ups. People need to gather together and try to stop bulling before it becomes worse than it already is.
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