Causes Of Bullying Essay

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Cause and Effect of Bullying in Schools An estimated amount of 160,000 students across the United States misses school each day due to being a victim of bullying. From a present study, 29% of students involved in bullying, 14% of the children were said to be victims, 7% were bullies, and 8% were bullies and victims. The worst type of social behavior stems from bullying, and leads to complications in a student’s future. Bullying is a way of expressing aggressive behavior that is intended, and continues that sometimes leads to physical or mental injuries. Those who are victims of bullying, lack self-esteem, and become easily depressed by small objects. There are four common types of bullying: verbal, physical, relational aggression, and…show more content…
The lack of parental attention causes a feeling of insecurity leading someone to acquit bullying. Unfortunately, adult role moles, parents, teachers, coaches, can build up tension in a student to generate them to bully. Students that are neglected, have divorced parents, or are around the influence of drugs/alcohol are more controlling and impulsive by nature. Those who have younger siblings are more suitable to bully in order to feel empowered. When children have an inadequate amount of supervision from a parent, they suppose they can get away with anything, like bullying. Bullying is more known in schools due to a student trying to fit in, and act “cool” in front of his or her classmates. A lot of people believe that in order to acknowledge power and popularity, you need to push the people around you to gain control. However, some children bully others because they used to once be a victim of bullying. Bullying can also arise from peer pressure through manipulation. On the other hand, bullies do not need a reason to hurt another, they seek fragile targets, and intensely desire attention. Also, bullies are not aware of their wrong behavior, and how gruesome it makes a person…show more content…
With technology progressing, students are moving past face to face hectoring, and are verbally bullying other through social media. Cyberbullying can sometimes become more harmful than verbal, physical, and emotional bullying due to victims, not feeling like they have an escape route because they are threatened repeatedly through text messages, e-mails, social media, etc. The worst part about cyberbullying is that the things posted can be anonymous; therefore, there is no blame for who posts what. A victim can suspect that someone is to blame for the actions done, but there is no proof to solve a possible ongoing issue. Cyberbullying and bullying are actually considered a crime when someone: physically assaults another person, gender or racism is talked about, violent or deadly threats are made, sexually texting, inappropriate photos, stalking,
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