Cause And Effect Essay: The Three Causes Of Bullying

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Bullying is being mean to someone else over and over again in different ways, such as teasing them, physically hurting them, or spreading rumors about them. Being bullied can often leave the victim wondering what causes the bully to be so mean. Having power, wanting popularity, and having family issues are three causes of bullying. One cause for bullying is having power. One reason why a bully likes having more power is because they have low self-esteem. Since the bully has low self-esteem they will tend to act out more to get some sort of recognition in proving to themselves and others that they can do something. When a bully has low self-esteem they feel that they are not good enough and so they to try to help themselves out by putting…show more content…
One aspect of having issues at home is not having a stable income. For example, the family could be living in poverty. While living in poverty the child will not have access to certain resources that could prevent him from learning about the effects of bullying. Another example would be, their parents going around from job to job and every time the parents lose a job the family might have to relocate. Having to relocate could cause the child to act out more often than not, thus the bullying grows. Another aspect for bullying is parents not loving each other. When the parents don’t love each other, the child might not know how to love other people and be kind to everyone. A third aspect of family issues could be abuse. Mental and physical abuse could be a reason why a child would bully their peers. For example, when a parent or guardian hits the child abusively the child is more likely to hit other people because that is what they know. With a parent mentally abusing the child, the child is more likely to use words to hurt others. Alcohol and drug use is another example of a family issue. This particular family issue creates a divide between the child and parent, thus the child feeling unloved. When the child feels unloved, they will act out and try to get someone else’s attention, and therefore the parents create a
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