Bullying in Lord Of The Flies

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Human Nature and Lord of the Flies-I.S.U.

# 13) Bullies

Bullying is when a person or group frequently harms someone who is weaker or more vulnerable then themselves. They do this by means of physical, verbal, or mental abuse. Bullies can be male, female, young or old. The nature of a bully depends on many factors such as sex, age, and past experiences. Depending on the nature of the bully, their actions can have many negative effects on others. Bullies display many characteristics such as aggression, rivalry, and competitive behavior. Bullying occurs in many different places, a good example is in the novel The Lord of the Flies. Jack, the antagonist in this novel, displays many characteristics of a bully. Many children have been victimized by the terrible acts of bullies.

There are bullies everywhere you go some noticeable and others not at all, you may not recognize a bully because they come in many different forms. The abusiveness of bullies’ is usually deliberate and not accidental. There are bullies at work, online, in the public and mostly school. So who is a bully? A bully is a person that causes emotional, psychological, or physical harm by using two different types of attacks. The first type being direct attacks, this consists of threatening, teasing, taunting, name calling, stealing, damaging of belongings, and hitting. Studies say that this type of attack is more common between males. “While both boys and girls say others bully them by making fun of the way they look or talk, boys are more likely to report being hit, slapped, or pushed”( Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, Scheidt 2001). The other type of attacks are indirect, they are spreading of rumors and encouraging others to reject someone else. Studies say that this type of attack is more common between females. “Teenage girls are more often the targets of rumors and sexual comments” ( Nansel, Overpeck, Pilla, Ruan, Simons-Morton, Scheidt 2001). Bullies usually target people who are different, it may be physical differences or even intelligence, and also they tend to target people who won’t retaliate back. They usually harass the person by attacking at there differences and imperfections. So a bully is someone who causes harm to others over and over again.

Bullying has many negative effects on many people such as the victim, the bully himself, and society. Studies show these effects may turn out to be short-term or long-term.
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