Dangers Involved with School Bullying

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School Bullying

School is the primary place where children spend their day with peers. As social and economic status plays a big part in the behavior of children. In early child hood income can effects the child’s academic level and behavioral problems later. By the time a child reaches middle school income levels do not influence negative behavior. But when the child reaches high school they could be teased for how the dress because they may not have nice clothes like other kids, or simply choose to dress differently. Which can lead to school bulling.

Bullying is a major problem and needs to be prevented. A bully is defined as aggressive behavior or to harm a person repeatedly overtime. School bullying can start anytime from elementary to high school. Over 5.7 teens in the United States are involved in school bullying( Boys tend to be more physically bullied as girls are more prone to being bullied verbally. According to the National Conference of State Legislature, boys who are often bullied can be five times as likely to be more or severely depressed and four times more likely to be suicidal. Girls are three times more likely to be severely depressed and eight times more likely to be suicidal. Some children are afraid to go to school, which can lead to poor grades or lack of concentration. It is hard for students to focus at school when they are worried about their bully. Bullying can make school a place of fear and can lead to school violence.

The dangers of school bullying can be seen in the Columbine Massacre which was listed as one of the top five deadliest shootings in the history of the United States. On April 20,1999 in a small town in Littleton, Colorado. Two high students Dylan Klebold an...

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... Each school needs to evaluate how their potential risk and which measures to take to ensure the safety of students and staff. In addition, some schools have speakers come in and tell their story about what happened to them and how it has affected their lives. Some students may relate to a story and in turn can have a huge impact on their emotions as well as their behavior. In the end school bullying has been around for centuries and will continue for many more years, but prevention and awareness are key to reducing the problem with school bullying.

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