Personal Reflection On My Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment

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I am gratified to reflect on my Entrepreneurial Potential Self-Assessment. I have always enjoyed learning the concepts of running and managing a business. Personally, what I enjoy generally is implying these concepts in real life situations. Seeing the ‘real life’ effects are stimulating to me. I always saw myself running a stable/well- establish business; however, I never saw myself running my own business. For my part, I find that I do not have all the characteristics an entrepreneur should have. Therefore, the results are not surprising, but assuring of what my strengths and weaknesses are. When considering entreprenurship, I reckon it’s vital to consider the contrast between the skills and genuinely being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is much more …show more content…

Some people accredit their success to fate, while others accredit it to their own achievements. I personally believe, good happens to people who work persistently for what they hunger. Being a successful entrepreneur is about sacrifice and hard-work. I assume I hold the qualities of a hard-worker. Scoring a twelve for action orientated was a shock. I find myself to be amply action orientated. I know whatever I require done, will not be completed unless I do it. I demand action in everyday challenges I am faced with. One structural characteristic of being an entrepreneur is being action-oriented. Willingness to utilize action and persistence are common traits of entrepreneurs. Conclusion In conclusion, my assessment re-assure the characteristics I knew I already had. However, it was an opportunity to foretell what I need to brush up on. Even though I do not wish to be an entrepreneur, entrepreneur’s carry a tremendous amount of characteristics that bring success. Mastering these skills will definitely be a benefit in an exceedingly amount of challenges/opportunities I will face in my career

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