Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

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Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur ABSTRACT First, there was an interview with a successful entrepreneur. Second, there was a talk on entrepreneurship by a guest speaker, Mr. Azmi Ahmad (the CEO of and later, an "elevator speech" by fellow students on various issues related to entrepreneurship. This collective information and some reading on entrepreneurship journals, books and articles have brought to the idea on writing this paper, towards certain perspective, on successful entrepreneurial characteristics. This paper examines the myths associated with what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the profiles and the common characteristics among these successful entrepreneurs. INTRODUCTION The first definition on entrepreneur was simply someone who invented something. Eventually, it turned into someone who owned a business. But the best definition, the one used most often today, is someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks for a business or enterprise. This shows that not only does a person "invent" something, but that they see the opportunity and build a business around it. An entrepreneur has a vision and builds around this vision. Although no one has found the perfect entrepreneurial profile, there are many characteristics that show up repeatedly. Good health was a characteristic mentioned the most because they are physically resilient. In good health, entrepreneurs work extended periods of time. DEBUNKING ENTREPRENEURIAL MYTHS Let us examine a few "flying myths" and put things into a better perspective. i. Entrepreneur are born, not made It is true that most entrepreneurs typically have a flair for the creative and a lot of energy. They are born with it. But having these characteris... ... middle of paper ... ...the characteristics of the entrepreneurial personality, by Hannu Littunen, University of Jyvaskyla, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Volume 7, Number 3 Seven Ages of Entrepreneurship by David Irwin Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Volume 6, Number 1, 2000 The five-factor model of personality: Assessing entrepreneurs and managers by Brooke R. Envick, Margaret Langford Entrepreneurial – Profile of an Entrepreneur The twelve (almost) sure-fire secrets to entrepreneurial success Entrepreneurship Characteristics The origin of the entrepreneurial species by George Gendron Seven characteristics of highly effective entrepreneurial employees by Joe Hadzima Characteristics of entrepreneurship

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