Albus Dumbledore's The Chamber Of Secrets By J. K. Rowling

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“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities” (Rowling 333). This quote, from the beloved character Albus Dumbledore in the book The Chamber of Secrets by author J.K. Rowling, counsels young wizard, Harry Potter, about the importance of true character. Throughout the Harry Potter series, Harry struggles with internal conflict about whether his powers are meant for good or evil. Dumbledore assures Harry his powers are intended for good because of the choices he makes. Harry learns who he truly is through the challenges he faces and the decisions that follow.
Having admirable character, making conscientious decisions, and possessing positive determination are key ingredients for remarkable success. …show more content…

Rowling’s writing sparks controversy with readers. Rowling has dealt with criticism about how her books teach children about witchcraft and evil powers (Kirk 103). To shield children from these teachings, schools and libraries across the world banned the books and occasionally, a book burning. “It conflicts with the values I’m trying to teach my children,” reports Ken McCormick, a father (qtd in Cannon and Cataldo). Evidently, the series’ plot teaches children revenge, and parents and teachers across the globe agree that banning the books will protect them from harmful lessons. However, her works have encouraged children read more. Today, fewer children and teens read for pleasure, causing a great drop in test scores, vocabulary, and imagination (Hallet). According to U.K.-based Federation of Children’s Book Groups, fifty nine percent of kids believe that Harry Potter enhanced their reading skills, and forty eight percent say that the books turned them in to bookworms (Hallet). In other words, Rowling’s books became children’s, in this day of age, video games. She published Harry Potter at a time where children, teens, and young adults were starting to consume their time with technology instead of reading. Without these books, generations across the spectrum would diminish in terms of reading skill. Rowling not only helps children improve their skills, she gives back to them through her …show more content…

Rowling failures made her the writer she exemplifies today. Without her struggles, she would have not posed as a role model for women and neither would her characters. Beyond that, her generous outlook on living would not have inspired the rich to lend a hand to the unfortunate. Perhaps maybe failure equals success after

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