Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
An entrepreneur is someone with the capacity to lead a business to success and is willing to take the risks in order to accomplish their goals. (Dollonger, 2002). Starting a new business is an example of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are very important in order for any business to succeed, however, only some entrepreneurs will succeed in life. Here are some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
Most successful entrepreneurs are have a passion for their product or service as well as a desire to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper (10 Qualities of successful entrepreneurs, 2010). Their desire to be an entrepreneur is mostly due to in internal factor rather than an external such as money.
entrepreneurs have the ability to come up with new ideas in various situations of which one might have never imagined. Entrepreneurs have a curiosity that identifies overlooked niches and they are constantly trying to innovate (Robinson, 2014). They imagine another world and have the ability to communicate that vision effectively to investors, customers and staff.
Clear Vision
Successful entrepreneurs have a clear image of what they want their future to be like. They hold a clear picture of the direction the company should take and have a clear plan of how they will make their vision a reality (9 essential traits of successful entrepreneurs, 2013)
an entrepreneur will never be uncertain of whether or not they will succeed. They are confident with the knowledge that they will make their businesses succeed (10 Qualities of successful entrepreneurs, 2010). They exude that confidence in everything they do.

Open Minded
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