What Are The Importance Of Entrepreneurship?

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1 .Introduction
Entrepreneurship is an important aspect of social, economic and community life. It can be viewed as a critical factor to economic growth as well as a way of addressing unemployment (Nolan, 2003).Entrepreneurs are people who are persistently focused on identifying opportunities, they seek to create something worthwhile while taking into account foreseeable risk and rewards associated with the efforts (Nolan, 2003). Furthermore, entrepreneurs are frequently understood to be individuals who discover market needs and establish new business to meet those identified opportunities. The following assignment will firstly discuss the types of entrepreneurship, secondly it will discuss the reasons people become entrepreneurs, and thirdly it will discuss the importance of entrepreneurship.
2. Types of entrepreneurship
Necessity Entrepreneurship and the push factors
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Importance of entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is a key driver of our economy, wealth and the majority of jobs are created through entrepreneurship, and it also helps and educates people in terms of growth and realizing opportunities (Nolan, 2003). Entrepreneurship is also seen as one of the important contributing factor to local development (Nolan, 2003).
Entrepreneurs create new businesses, and new businesses in turn create jobs, strengthening competition, and may even increase productivity through technological change. Increases in levels of entrepreneurship will result to an increase in economic growth (Nolan, 2003).Entrepreneurs by starting or setting up their businesses, will help with local development by locating less developed areas. The growth of industries and businesses in these areas leads to infrastructure improvements, such as better roads and stable electricity. Every business that is located in a less developed area will create opportunities that will improve the living conditions of people residing in that particular area (Nolan, 2003).
4.1 The Impact of Entrepreneurship on the
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