Personal Reflection Of Adult Education

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Table of contents
Assumptions about learning in our society
Understanding of adult education
Why I became motivated for education
Traditional philosophical orientations
Personal Reflection

My personal reflection begins with explaining my understanding of adult education and assumptions about learning in our society. Why I became motivated to continue education after high school and what sparked my interest in becoming an educator.
I will comment on the traditional philosophical orientations that I prefer to learn from and which ones I facilitate from. Will be concluding with my perspective of the community college I work for.

Assumptions about learning in our society:
In our society, community education needs …show more content…

Marks given for rewards. Students enjoy the challenge of competing for the high mark awards, they can win cash awards up to $3000. ‘Typical context where this approach is still used include vocational and technical training, particularly skills training where we want observable and measurable results’ (Groen & Kawalilak, 2014, p.80).
With the Liberal orientation, this philosophy is used in our theory based portion of my program, which can be quite extensive and needs to have focus and agenda. An example would be learning gas codes and specifications. ‘Knowledge is presented in an organized, discrete, content-specific manner with the goal to develop organized, rational and literate citizens’ (Groen & Kawalilak, 2014, p.78).
Progressive Orientation, which involves learning from experience. This would pertain to the apprenticeship field experience where they learn from certified journeyman mentors. Tasks the student’s to learn and to improve their trade on the job with supervision. Lindeman which ‘firmly believed in a lifelong and holistic learning approach that captures all aspects of our life from childhood to adulthood and includes learning in all context’s’ (Groen & Kawalilak, 2014,

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