The Importance Of Student Motivation

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“Motivation is a complex part of human psychology and behavior that influences how individuals choose to invest their time, how much energy they exert in any given task, how they think and feel about the task, and how long they persist at the task” (Urdan & Schoenfelder, 2006). The biggest question educators face in today’s classroom is what motivates a student to do something and why? Virtually all students are motivated in one way or another. Research of student motivation suggests a theory that emphasizes a social-cognitive perspective. The cognition of students regarding academic work are influenced by social factors, such as messages from the teacher about the difficulty of the task, the perceived abilities of classmates, and the information about the importance of learning the material (Urdan & Schoenfelder, 2006). In this paper the focus will primarily be on those elements within the classroom that influence student motivation and engagement. Commonly, student motivation can be…show more content…
The social contexts created within a classroom influence not only academic motivation and achievement, but also the individual development and well-being of students. There are many situations throughout a school day where students must interact with each other, and are shaped by the attitudes and behaviors of others. Research has found that students’ perceptions of positive relationships with their teachers were correlated with their pursuit of pro-social classroom goals such as getting along with others and being socially responsible, and were more strongly linked to student motivation in school (Urdan & Schoenfelder, 2006). Students care about their relationships with their teachers and respond with greater engagement and effort when they believe that their teachers care about them and are supportive. Scaffolding is a great instructional strategy to engage students in the
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