Personal Leadership Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to explore the process of leadership on a personal and organisational level. Emphasis will be placed on analysing my current leadership competence and the leadership approaches and styles demonstrated at Mike Rogerson Estate Agents (MREA). Efforts will be made to define leadership and analyse models and toolkits derived from the literature. Introducing the organisation in particular focus, Mike Rogerson Estate Agents are property consultants dealing with the sales, lettings and management of properties across the North-East of England. With nine branches in total, it is the strategic aim of the organisation to continually expand and increase territory covered to maximise sales opportunities. My particular role in the organisation is to carry out activities which lead to the sales/lettings of properties. It is here where I mitigate with a variety of stakeholders ranging from home-owners, landlords, solicitors and buyers for example. Defining Leadership The CIPD (2013) define leadership as “the capacity to influence people, by means of personal attributes and/or behaviours, to achieve a common goal”. The CIPD explain that leadership has an element of strategy it the foundations, for the organisational and for the implementation. Organisational strategy and purpose is important as everyone is working towards a shared goal, yet it is the actions and traits of the individual responsible which is what makes a leader. In comparison, Locke (1991) shares the notion of strategy in leadership as he defines it as being a process of “inducing others to take action towards a common goal”. On the surface both definitions are similar in the sense that a leader must ‘influence’ or ‘induce’ others, indi... ... middle of paper ... ...d influence’ is imperative. With this in mind, I have devised a personal development plan for this skill in particular (see appendix F). Conclusion This section was intended to outline my current leadership competences and to devise areas of improvement. Having used a raft of tools to understand not only myself, but my leadership credentials, I have had the ability to draw upon areas of strength and weakness. From workplace feedback (appraisal) and self-analysis reports, there has been a strong indication that I have a good work ethic and that I understand the organisation’s greater vision, however I do not work well with colleagues. Appreciating that I communicated well with customers, rather than with my peers, I sought out to devise an action plan with my manager and a personal development plan outlining ways I can develop team-working and communication skills.
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