Personal Narrative: My First Retail Job

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My experience with working with a group is that the longer you work together, it feels like the people I work with becomes a family. Sometimes we argue; sometimes we pick each other up when things are tough, but we also work together when things need to be accomplished. Getting a new job is always an adventure; normally, I walk through the door on the first day with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. That is exactly how I entered my first day at CVS Pharmacy (later to be known as CVS Health). Because this was my first retail job, it already seemed better than my experiences with the food and beverage industry. For about four years, I had been in and out of the restaurant business and believed that there had to be something a little more relaxed.…show more content…
He was talkative, polite, and had previous experience at Walgreens. I overheard one of the supervisors talking about him. She assumed that Jared was gay because of the way he walked and talked. She then went on to say how well he will probably be with the ladies helping them find certain items because he probably uses women items. Although she chuckled, her remark made me feel offended for him. Her perception of gay men was that they used women’s health and beauty items. During the four months Jared was there, I think he started to catch on that he was being labeled, which is why I later learned he started coming in late or was not showing up. He explained to me that he was not feeling comfortable with the way he was being treated by management; that he did not care, and was looking for another job. I never spoke to him after that, but one day when I came in for my shift, he was crossed off completely on the schedule. Ellie explained that he was terminated for job abandonment. Seeing Ellie behave the way she did throughout his employment, which was noticeably discriminatory of sexual orientation, caused some of us to lose trust and respect for our…show more content…
When management started hiring more people, they told us that the new hires would be more versatile working morning and night shifts. One of the supervisors, Ashley, was conducting some of the interviews since the manager was not there. One day, an interviewee came in looking for Ashley. Ashley took her to the office for the interview, but I could hear them laughing and mumbling. My supervisor and the interviewee came out smiling, they shook hands and the interviewee left. Ashley came up to me later, said how much she liked Charlie, the young woman she interviewed. Ashley explained that they had so much in common. They both had a child who was three, they both went to the same local community college, both lived in the outskirts of the area, and they went to the same high school but never knew each other. Already I felt a certain way toward the situation because of all the praise I heard. It seemed that Ashley was hiring her because of all the similarities they had. I could not do anything so I just waited for the situation to pan out, hoping for the best. However, about a month later the schedule came out. Ashley had made the schedule, and I noticed that Charlie and Ashley were working all mornings together. When I confronted Ashley about the schedule, she shrugged it off and said, “She can only work mornings and, on occasion, nights.” Not only that,

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