Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Reading And Writing

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539 words

There are many different types of events that shape who we are as writers and how we view literacy. Reading and writing is viewed as a chore among a number of people because of bad experiences they had when they were first starting to read and write. In my experience reading and writing has always been something to rejoice, not renounce, and that is because I have had positive memories about them. Memories are things that shape our feelings and what we chose work on for many, if not all, different subjects. The most affluent memory I have concerning reading was that I remember reading books such as the Eragon and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. These memories are the earliest I have of reading and because I enjoyed them so much I have been very fond of reading many different books. I cannot remember anything about reading before these books, which was sometime around the 4th grade, so the memories have influenced me to enjoy reading a more fantasy style. All of my favorite books and stories have been fantasy and I believe this to be the case because of the major influence of the Eragon books, which fascinated me, that I read early on. Before reading the fantasy genre of books I do not remember …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that reading and writing is viewed as a chore among many people because of bad experiences they had when they were first starting to read and write.
  • Explains that the eragon and the diary of a wimpy kid series are the earliest memories they have of reading.
  • Opines that if one doesn't find a book that they enjoy reading, then it seems more of the punishment than the benefit or reward to them.
  • Opines that they have no memories of writing. they have struggled to write fast, and feel that their writing is average at best.

Whenever I write anything that is not more than a few sentences I feel as though my writing is average at best. My belief is that I write slow because I have never written anything that I really wanted to write, such as a fantasy story, and almost always write persuasive essays, biographical writing, or informative writing that schools always push onto me. This has shaped my view of writing to be more of a punishment so I do not want to do it so it makes me go slower than I should. Because of my joy of reading I feel as though I have above-average word-choice, however, I do not feel the same way about

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