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My work experience

On the 25th of December 2014, in Taupo, I had volunteered to work at a homeless shelter. While I was there I had got told the procedures on what I was going to do on the job. My duties while working there was, cleaning, cooking, and serving. The idea of the homeless shelter is to meet, feed, and welcome other people that are less fortunate than us on Christmas.

Background This event was set up by local people in the area which was held in the town hall every year ever since 2008. This event has always provided good food for the less fortunate and has always got great feedback. The goal of this event is to get people to come together as one to help others out. The way I got the job was by my sister. Her friend told her about the event and how he needed more people to help out. Once she came home she had told me about it. I ended up deciding to help out as well. We called the manager that was running it to tell
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I had to help set up the tables and chairs. First we had to put them into four long rows of tables evenly spread between each one so that there was a lot of space to walk between the tables. once that was done we decorated the tables. I had to lay table tops onto it, plates, and utensils. then put up decorations around the room. Finally everything was done and we opened the doors to welcome people in. All I had to do was stand in front of one of the dishes and plate it out to them if that was what they had desired to eat. When you do this you have to greet them with a big smile. During the event if your dish had ran out you had to pack it up, clean it , then go around asking if anyone had needed assistance for anything. When the event was over and everyone had left we had to gather all the plates and utensils then clean up the mess. My job was to mop the floors and to get rid of any dirt that was left behind. When everything was clean and tidy we were able to
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