Group Leadership

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Throughout the course of a Master’s counseling program, moments of doubt, and a lack of working knowledge are bound to play a major role in the confidence a future counselor will posses in effectively implementing interventions early on in the instructional phase of his or her career. Corey (2010) states that an effective group leader, is able to become aware of their own vulnerabilities, and take responsibility in their responses. To become aware of a possible vulnerable area, a counselor must first take a concise look into their personal strengths and weakness, and then decide to actively seek out assistance with working on vulnerabilities. In exploring the roles of an effective group leader, I have realized that within the group process, I most fear the roles of a group leader that pertain to direct confrontation of a client, I also fear that the improper implementation of a intervention could lead to potential harm of the client. Attending to these fears I hold regarding group member confrontation, and intervention implementation is the key to gaining further understanding into how I can become comfortable with these essential functions of a group leader. The current paper will take a closer look into my vulnerabilities, using current research to gain insight into how I can overcome fears, when facilitating a task, psycho-educational, counseling, and psychotherapy group.

Corey, Corey, and Corey (2010) describe the main focus of task groups, to be the application of group dynamic principles and processes to improve, practice, and foster the accomplishment of identified work goals. In a task group setting, the members usually work together to complete a specific goal. Corey, Corey, and Corey (2010) describe task group leade...

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..., has also allowed me to gain some insight into what it takes to be a leader within each of the four major group types. Research into these area’s has also provided me with a sense of assurance, that I didn’t have before, in that it has assured me that the techniques I am learning in my counseling program are designed to mold me into the group leader that I wish to be.

After analyzing my fears regarding group leadership, I have become aware of the many different techniques that are used in helping future counselors develop the skills they need to become a competent group leaders. Although task, psycho-educational, counseling, and psychotherapy groups require a different individual leadership style, there is one thing that they all require of a leader, the competence to administer and conduct the group in a manner that will be beneficial for all its members.
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