Personal Essay: New SMART Goals (2)

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New SMART Goals (2) Specific The first goal consists of learning how to manage free time better and not getting too caught up in it. Back in high school, I barely had any free time and was that friend that could never meet up because I already had a prior commitment to soccer. For example, in 10th grade, after I was done with classes, I would have volunteer work for an hour, then volleyball practice, and then soccer practice. Being involved in so many time consuming extracurricular activities meant that I did not get home until after 10:30pm and could not start my homework since I would have to take a shower and eat dinner. Ever since I started attending Northeastern University, I have become less efficient in terms of time management. Never haven been used used to having so much free time after being done with class, I spent most of it wasting my time instead of working on assignments because I thought that I would have enough time to do it later. This eventually affected my sleeping schedule and taking three naps a day was customary. I still find myself following this same pattern during my second year and now that the teamwork workload has considerably increased, I cannot afford to take naps. Although my grades this semester have improved from the previous one, I…show more content…
Whenever I propose something that is for my personal benefit, I just say it in the spur of the moment and never really follow through. Matters regarding myself do not necessarily concern me because I do not really care about myself, which is a terrible mentality, yet I make no effort to correct this. In all honesty, I do not think that I will achieve the second goal at all by next semester or any time soon for that matter. I just proposed myself this goal because I know that I need to change but it is something that I have been putting off for a long
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