Importance Of SMART Goals On Mental Health

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The SMART goal I set for myself was to eat healthier by the end of the semester. In the early part of this semester, I was successful. I gathered information on foods that would be good for me to eat and snack on throughout the day and I had my grocery list written before I went into the store to not get sidetracked. However, as the semester progressed my eating habits lacked and no longer went to get groceries and often forgot to eat if I did not set a reminder or my grandmother brought food. I was not successful in meeting my SMART goal. One of the barriers I believe that kept me from reading my goal was my constant anxiety over school and life in general. I found myself often worrying over those things and not really feeding myself until…show more content…
My recommendation for lower the amounts of mental health illness would be the stigma that is associated with mental illness, that those people are crazy and they are just trying to get attention and also create inexpensive ways to treat those with mental illness so that they can develop skills and medication to help them cope. I would lower the cost that it takes to help treat people with mental illness. According to a Huffington Post article, it showed that the United States spends an estimated $201 billion on mental health disorders (Flanagan). Hampton Mental Health Associates offer medication and therapy sessions that can help a person cope with their mental illness. My recommendation for the physical health illnesses that American suffer from would be to lower the price of healthier food options so that people have the option to choose better food options and increase the amount of free workout places. The nationwide cost of obesity cost between $3.8 billion and $6.38 billion (“Adult Obesity Causes & Consequences”). Virginia Foundation for Health Youth can help a person prevent obesity as they start early in attempting to prevent bad eating and lifestyle habits in the

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